Our History And Accomplishments

COMO-LAC (2004)

The first nonprofit 501(c)3 was named the Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – Los Angeles County.  It was patterned after the Sonoma group in northern California with the help of Elaine Hoffsteder.   COMO-LAC immediately began publishing a newsletter – THE VOICE.

COMO-LAC was successful in getting information to mobilehome owners in Los Angeles County, so the decision was made to go state-wide.  The new name was The Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – California.  COMO-CAL was not in competition with GSMOL, in fact we sent GSMOL a letter to that effect.  COMO-CAL worked primarily with residents in parks, GSMOL primarily with their lobbyist in Sacramento.

COMO-CAL (2005)

The Coalition of Mobilehome Owners (COMO-CAL) was formed by GSMOL managers Frank Wodley, Tom Lockhard, Ralph Weber, Donna Matthews and others after two events: a)  The presentation by Patrick Guzman, CPA who spoke about the loss of membership, revenue (membership dues and advertising).  In fact after the meeting two managers resigned. and b) In late summer 2004 a group of eight GSMOL managers submitted a Recommendations Report which suggested ways that GSMOL could improve.   Essentially nothing came from  the managers efforts to help improve GSMOL.  At that time the group felt it necessary to form another nonprofit to provide service to mobilehome owners in California.

COMO-CAL’s #1 priority has always been Enforcement of the laws (Mobilehome Residency Law, Title 25 Health and Safety).  We realize laws, without effective enforcement, are not worth the paper they’re written on. We have also been concerned with Ethics in Advocacy.

COMO-CAL (2006)

Joined a coalition of advocates and businesses around California to successfully defeat Proposition.

COMO-CAL (2009)

Joined a coalition of advocates and businesses around California to successfully defeat Proposition.

Mobilehome Magazine (2011)

In 2011, we brainstormed a way to reach many more California mobilehome owners.  We came up with Mobilehome Magazine, a free magazine to all.  We have distributed to many areas since 2011:  North Bay, San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles, South L.A., Orange County, San Diego County, North San Diego County, and now Riverside/Hemet.

Mobilehome Magazine (2011-2016)

Distributed over 500,000 mostly free magazines to the community.

Mobilehome Magazine (2014)

In November 2014, Mobilehome Magazine published the first of many articles on a reorganization for advocates called the Regional Group Plan.

Mobilehome Magazine (2017)

Mobilehome Magazine became a membership organization ($20/calendar year).  It pledged to donate all profits back to those who support ThePlan2017, including individuals, park groups and regional groups.  It published over 50 benefits ThePlan2017 provides the community.