August 27, 2016  Leadership Changes at COMO-CAL

COMO-CAL held a Board of Directors meeting on Saturday August 27, 2016 in Chatsworth, California. Attending were Frank Wodley, Ken and Sam Meng, Rose Rosales, Paul Masminster, Lloyd Rochambeau and Carol Spizzirri. Frank announced he will step down, as President of COMO-CAL, effective today and recommended Ken Meng take over as President of COMO-CAL. Ken graciously accepted. The new Board of Directors is as follows:
Ken Meng, President
Rose Rosales Wodley, Secretary
Sam Meng, Treasurer
Paul Masminster, Vice President
Ken, Sam and Paul have hit the ground running. Ken and Sam attended Senator Leyva’s Hearing in San Bernardino on September 16th, and all three attended the national group (NMHOA) Conference in Las Vegas. Rose is behind the scenes working to transfer the bank account to Sam and Ken.