January 2017 Update

As of January 1, 2017 Mobilehome Magazine will become a membership organization, as per ThePlan2017.  Membership is only $20/calendar year (expiration 12/31/2017).  Under ThePlan2017 all magazine profits will be donated back to the community.  Please read our February 2017 issue (and soon our March 2017 issue) for details.  Our goal is to unite mobilehome owners and provide financial resources to those who support us – park groups (HOA, and resident groups), local/regional groups and others.

We estimate profits per magazine (15 area magazines/month are possible) can reach as much as $35,000/year.  Multiply that by the number of area magazines and that’s a sizable sum.  Added to membership dues, that amounts to about $100,000 per area.

Current areas serviced by Mobilehome Magazine are Sacramento, Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley, Orange County/South L.A., North San Diego County, Riverside/Hemet, and a general magazine for all other areas.

The free MH Life Magazine will be phased out this year as membership grows.