May 3, 2016 Update

Three weeks ago we emailed the following letter to the GSMOL Board of Directors.  We felt this could be a new day, similar to 2009 when COMO-CAL and GSMOL worked together on legislation. And we had hoped this dialogue would lead to discussions how we could help GSMOL rebuild and become viable and strong again.  We asked board members to acknowledge receipt of the letter, only one did.  We have heard nothing from GSMOL and probably won’t.  We can only conclude GSMOL leaders neither need our help or want our help  Here is the letter:

April 14, 2016

To:  GSMOL Board of Directors

From:  COMO-CAL Board of Directors

Congratulations on a successful GSMOL Convention.  We’re especially happy to see the One Member One Vote pass.  It is step towards a democratically run GSMOL, which we’ve always favored.  And it was a pleasant surprise to see you’ve hired Esperanza Ross to replace Brian Augusta as lobbyist.  It is critical that GSMOL spearheads efforts in Sacramento on behalf of the mobilehome owner community and we understand Ms. Ross is anxious to be involved.

Recently COMO-CAL presented a Survey to several hundred in the mobilehome community.  One topic was transparency, which we feel is critical to any non-profit’s success.  We understand GSMOL Convention delegates voted to begin publishing a current financial statement in every upcoming issue of the Californian.  We support and applaud this 100%.  Many of over the years have asked this be done (it was also common to see financial statements in the Californian during the early years).  Members need to trust their leaders and providing members critical information about the status of GSMOL can only lead to better relations between the GSMOL BOD and GSMOL members.  And we know it will improve the relationship between COMO-CAL and GSMOL.  Nice job!

Most folks don’t remember what happened in 2009.  That was the year when lobbyist Maurice Priest left GSMOL. He was replaced by Christine Minnehan and Brian Augusta and their hiring led to three Summits in early 2009 between GSMOL, COMO-CAL and other advocates.  The goal of the Summits was to get all of us on the same page, at least with regards to legislation. We think, for the most part, it was successful.  COMO-CAL and GSMOL communicated and worked together for a common goal.  We stood as one, promoting legislation that would help mobilehome owners and opposing legislation that would harm mobilehome owners.

We feel, with the hiring of a new lobbyist, i.e. Esperanza Ross, our organizations have another opportunity to work together.  Not only would it be a win-win for GSMOL and COMO-CAL, but it would be a win for those we serve, namely the mobilehome owner community.

That being said, we propose GSMOL and COMO-CAL immediately start a dialogue.  The goal would be to set a time, place, and an agenda convenient to both organizations, to once again meet and confer.  After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  And perhaps we can find other areas of mutual interest where we can work together.  The community wants and needs us together, not divided.

Again, congratulations on your Convention.  We look forward to working with you in the future.


Frank A. Wodley, President COMO-CAL

Sam Meng, Secretary COMO-CAL

Rose Rosales, Treasurer COMO-CAL