Meet Our Publisher/Editor

My Story by Frank Wodley

I don’t usually like being in the spotlight, I prefer to work behind the scenes. My family and I moved into a mobilehome in 1998 because that’s all we could afford. We also liked the idea of community. All we wanted was to live in our home and enjoy our later years (I was 55). I’ll bet you may have had similar expectations.
Almost from the beginning we experienced manager abuse, starting with a 7 day notice for weeds in our front yard, yet we don’t have a front yard! We experienced yelling and threats. And the notices kept coming and coming. We found that we were not the only ones. Many of our neighbors were afraid. The manager often made the statement: If you don’t like living here, then move.

Searching For Help

Where does one go for help? That’s the $64,000 question. Not long after moving in, the park said we couldn’t ‘store’ anything outside, not even a rake, a ladder or a hose! We felt our only option was to hire an attorney. Of course we didn’t know who might be best, so we just scanned the yellow pages. Ultimately, it cost us $1,000 to have an attorney write a letter to the manager, and I recall the manager throwing it in the garbage, i.e. we essentially wasted $1,000! So we continued our search. There must be a better way.

Our Search Continues

Our first attempt to protect our rights was less than satisfactory. We we searched the internet and found a representative of GSMOL who suggested flyering the park and having a meeting. A GSMOL representative would come. That’s when I met my good friend Ralph Weber, the GSMOL Regional Manager in my area. Long story short, I volunteered to lead my park’s GSMOL chapter. That was April, 2003.
I was a very responsible and active park leader, held monthly meetings, published a park newsletter and really tried to accomplish good things for my neighbors. Our chapter had 100 members, mostly because my wife hustled to get them.

Not Out of the Woods Yet

My park owner was NOT happy there was an advocate stirring up things in his park. So the park began a campaign to evict me and my family. It was HELL, eventually resulting in a 3 day trial with the park trying to get a restraining order against me. That was their first step to evict me. Fortunately for us, the judge called it a draw, and the park manager didn’t get her restraining order. But it cost us another $4,000 and loads of stress for my family and myself.
I have to say today my park is peaceful, the manager is professional and respectful, and life is pretty good.

So Why Do I Write My Story?

I do it for several reasons.
I am no different than most mobilehome owners. I was uneducated about the laws that protect me and was forced to pick an option that didn’t work. The two ‘situations’ cost me over $5,000 and resulted in enormous stress to both myself and my family.
As a result of manager abuse in my park, I became an advocate to help those who can’t help themselves. I survived and today I have the respect of my park owner. Respect not from weakness, but from strength.

ThePlan2017 is Your Best Option!

Would I have joined ThePlan when I first became a resident in my mobilehome park and realized the challenges of living there? Are you kidding? In a heart beat! $20 is nothing. I would have spent $500 or more if I knew I could really get some help. Had ThePlan been in existence then, I would have had a friend to call and advise me and I would never had to spend $1000 for that letter. I am bewildered why so many folks pass up such an opportunity. In my mind, it’s plain foolishness! Join ThePlan and let’s be strong together. It’s your best protection by far.
Keep in mind, your $20 membership fee will be used primarily to hire an attorney and later a lobbyist. Both will help us fight for your rights. In my book, that’s money well spent.

Our Priorities Make Sense

Manager abuse destroys lives. It is pervasive in our community. However, today we have a plan to begin eliminating it and it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars, only $20/year. Plus we will fight for your basic rights. It’s a no brainer!
What if your manager is professional, respectful, and in no way abusive. Why would you join our fight when you’re not affected? The answer is simple. We are all vulnerable and change does and will happen. When one resident is bullied, we all are. When one resident is denied their rights, we all are. We have a responsibility to protect those who can’t protect themselves, don’t we?

Now or Never

The time has come to make a decision. Either support our cause or not. If you do, I guarantee we will fight for your rights.If you don’t, God help us all. If you don’t join, I guarantee manager abuse will never be eliminated. Both the Senate Select Committee and GSMOL are on the wrong path. Anyone who really thinks about the issue will conclude manager abuse is not a manager problem, it is a park owner problem. The only way to stop manager abuse is to fine / sanction the park owner. Training simply doesn’t work by itself. History has proven that time and again. And what about basic rights? Forget them!