Membership is only $20/calendar year and provides you immediate benefits (monthly magazine, Help Line, etc)
It provides your community additional revenue, i.e. MONEY, from profits of Mobilehome Magazine in your region, eventually as $30,000 per year or more.
The Plan is administered by Mobilehome Magazine, a trusted advocate protecting the rights of mobilehome owners in California since 2004 at no cost to you.

How Can We Offer So Much For So Little?

Low Membership Fees. Our membership fee is $20/calendar year. Most state-wide groups charge $25 – $50 or more.
Low Overhead. Our overhead is very low, which means your membership fees go to protect you, not to pay unnecessary expenses such as rent for an office, insurance, office staff, etc.
We absorb expenses. Mobilehome Magazine will not charge to administer the ThePlan2017. We will absorb any cost to keep track of money and members, publish a semi-annual financial and membership statements, man the help line, etc. We want to provide you the best possible service at the lowest cost. This has been our pledge over the years, and we intend to continue it into the future.
Current Advocacy. Current advocacy is inefficient and wasteful. The current state-wide group currently has an overhead of about 47% or $130,000 (Californian Volume 51, Issue 5, Oct/Nov/Dec 2016, page 5). They require 5,200 members just to open their doors. At this membership level they can’t provide any services, nothing! Not a magazine, not a lobbyist, nothing! Their organization plan is outdated and broken. We feel they should really consider joining us because ThePlan is a much better way to provide protection to mobilehome owners.
ThePlan has pledged, in writing, to provide a lobbyist for the community. We would be happy to financially support GSMOL’s current lobbyist, if GSMOL would work with us. In fact, if GSMOL get’s behind ThePlan, there would be no wait for benefits. Our membership goals would be reached immediately. What an opportunity! We feel this is what the community has wanted all along, i.e. GSMOL and us working together. We are always ready and willing to meet with GSMOL leaders to work out an amicable way to team up and work together.
Potential profits from Mobilehome Magazine are huge. Please refer to MH Life Magazine, February 2017, pages 6 and 10-13. We pledge to donate magazine profits. Our goal is to provide much needed financial resources to your community. Please read the story about the Oregon Public House and their efforts to donate profits to area charities ( Our plan is even better than theirs!

Why Should You Join?

  • Finally there is a plan going forward.
  • ThePlan will work, but only with your support.
  • ThePlan2017 benefits everyone.
  • All mobilehome owners benefit if/when we can eliminate manager abuse, interference of sales, etc. and can provide basic benefits to the community (See Manufactured Homeowner’s Bill of Rights).

Immediate Benefits to You

You will immediately receive a welcome letter with your membership number and other important information.
Our monthly magazine (MH Life) will be delivered direct to your door either by hand or by USPS (Knowledge is Power – keep informed and in the loop)

  • Help Line – available to all members.
  • Access to members only website (when you join, we will give you the address). Lots of useful information including an Index to help find articles of interest. Also access to all magazines published by Mobilehome Magazine over the last 6 years.
  • Bonus to members in parks with 20 or more members. All members receive a copy of our Frequently Asked Questions Handbook (36 pages) compiled by the Senate Select Committee.

Benefits As Membership Grows

After 200 members have joined in your region:
We will begin building a Legal Fund
We will begin building a fund to help pay expenses for your park association (HOA or other), and your local /regional group(s).
After 500 have joined ThePlan2017 in your area:
We will hire an attorney for specific uses
We will begin releasing funds to all groups that support and promote The Plan.
We will begin building a fund to hire a Lobbyist.
All that when we reach 500 members per region (a total of 2,500 for all 5 regions). That’s a lot of bang for your buck.
We Protect You Better
ThePlan2017 has many benefits, too many to list here. 45 are listed in our February 2017 issue, pages 8-9. These are real benefits! Please check them out.
Contact Information
Contact Mobilehome Magazine at Mobilehome Magazine, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA 91313
Online information:
Help Line: 818-886-6479 or 800-929-6061
Members Website: This address in your welcome letter sent out when you join.
Contact Frank Wodley at