UPDATE February 24, 2016

We understand at least three GSMOL Board members will be submitting formal complaints to the California State Attorney General within the next week or so.  Also perhaps another dozen will also submit complaints.  Frank Wodley, President of COMO-CAL and publisher of MH Life Magazine is among this group.  He will publish his complaint online very soon.

We are concerned that GSMOL: a)  Continued conducting business (accepting money for renewals and new members) during the over one year period its corporation status was suspended by the Franchise Tax Board, b)  Continues to hold regional meetings in an effort to gain new members when the viability of the organization is so questionable and it can no longer carry out its #1 priority of working in Sacramento because it can no longer afford a lobbyist, and c)  Mentioned nothing in the latest Californian about the resignations of two of its Vice Presidents, the loss of its lobbyist (very critical), the severe shortage of funds to operate, and other information members and the MH Community as a whole should know.

We recommend NO ONE join or renew their membership in GSMOL nor support this BOD by attending the April Convention.  We feel, at this point in time, it is too late for the “bad apples” to come clean. They should all resign and be held accountable for their continued  deception of mobilehome owners. We need a strong presence in Sacramento and it will never happen with these folks in power.

UPDATE February 9, 2016

It is now confirmed from several sources that GSMOL’s lobbyist Brian Augusta is no longer employed by GSMOL.  His last day was probably around January 15th.  This means the MH Community is without a lobbyist in Sacramento for the first time in perhaps over 50 years.  One long time member of GSMOL, who recently resigned, believes this is the beginning of the loss of the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) and other protections.  We just can’t allow this to happen!

We at COMO-CAL and MH Life Magazine have tried over the last 12 years to alert the Community that this day would come.  Our efforts fell on deaf ears.  Neither GSMOL managers, GSMOL members or the population of MH owners did anything to prevent this from happening.  It is very sad, but perhaps from the ashes will rise a new era of cooperation, teamwork and unity.  And a new era of transparency.  We are working on this goal and hope to have positive news within a month or so.  But it will take everyone pulling together.  It takes such a small financial commitment from MH owners to have real power!  Just think about what COMO-CAL and the magazine have suggested.  The Regional Group Plan gets everyone working together for the greater good.  We’ve published 25 articles explaining the Plan, the Benefits of the Plan and how it effects you the mobilehome owner.  Now more than ever, you need us and we need you!  Get on board and join.  The other option can be catastrophic.